Hello Friends, Welcome to Driftsoul.

I am Sriharsha. Welcome to my Personal blog. I enjoy the freedom and like to blog about travel destinations and experiences of my travelling. I started this blog on a whim in January 2018. I happened to follow a few travel blogs and one day thought of  “why not start my own blog”, write about the places that visited.

My goal is to provide the places for travellers who visit the country for tourist destinations and hangout. I chose the best spots for travellers who visit the places for travel destinations.

For the first country, I picked Malaysia as the best spot for travelling in south-east Asia. So, I started writing about the places which are visited and going to explore from now on.

My blogs are constantly changing and improving as i learn more about blogging who knew i would learn more and make a lot of friends in the future. I am not a sage or perfectionist. I just wanted to share my blogs and inspire others to travel and let the people see the world how vast it is. I want to show people that you can learn something from travelling, get the taste of the new cultures, have many friends and unforgettable memories with them.

Most importantly, Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and following me on this site. I hope you love my blogs as much as i do.




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